28 Habits That Block Your Happiness.



Let love guide you in your pain and struggle.

More often than not, we’d rather run away from our pain, problem, or hurt than to face it head on. But I believe a lesson never goes away until we learn what they’re supposed to teach us. We can avoid difficult people or we can learn how to love them beyond our capacity. We can be frustrated at a problem or think of a creative solution to get through it. We can stay mad or we can learn to let go. We have choices everyday, and these choices will either make or break us. It’s not always easy to do the right thing or be the better person but for the sake of our spiritual growth and mental peace, we must let love guide us in our decision making process. And when we do, we’ll find that our pain won’t have a grip on us any longer because we’ve been set free.

©2015 Susie Lee


Dreams die through procrastination.

kick in the buttLou’s story is heartbreaking yet compelling because I know many of us can relate to him on so many levels – fostering procrastination on a daily basis, mindlessly surfing the internet, being emotionally disconnected, compromising our dreams for financial security, or believing we’ll do it someday. The things we choose to do everyday shapes our world, thinking, and future. That’s why it’s important to be intentional with our time, talent, and energy. Despite our age, it’s never too late (or too early) but neither should we wait.

Take an honest inventory on where you’re at in life and what you want in life, and if those two don’t add up then adjust accordingly. This may mean letting go of toxic relationships or unnecessary tasks that hinders you more than helps you. Focus on what your core values in life are and manage your time according to those values. Go forward with confidence – you have the wisdom and courage to make the necessary changes within you for the life you want. Don’t let your dreams die, make them happen.

©2015 Susie Lee

Happiness vs. Unhappiness

Happiness is a choice. We can’t blame a person for our unhappiness but neither can we attribute our happiness based on someone. What’s going to determine our happiness is in the choices we make in our actions, decisions, and thinking – every single day. It doesn’t come from things, people, or experiences, sure, they can enhance and enrich our lives but to think they’ll bring us true lasting happiness is a golden fleece we’ll never attain. Happiness, peace, and joy are readily available to us at any given moment because it comes from deep within us. We have the ability to be happy despite our circumstances, the people around us, and yes, even in our dead end jobs. Happiness is a choice, everyday. Happiness is an attitude, for life.

©2014 Susie Lee