Remember. And Never Forget.

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It’s Gonna Be Okay

It’s gonna be okay. Just because you had a bad day or a bad week, it doesn’t mean you have a bad life. Take it one moment at a time. Breath deep and exhale. Repeat. Listen to your heart – what’s it saying? It’s saying ‘It’s gonna be okay… YOU’RE gonna be okay.’ (Exhale)

©2013 Susie Lee

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Live by these Four Agreements

Practicing and incorporating these simple and practical steps into your daily routine can transform your life and your relationships. If you’d like to read more, pick up a copy of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements.


Love Takes Work. It’s Worth It.

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Puppy Love. Forever.

What is loveHappy Valentine’s! May you embrace those around you – family, friends and pets. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing celebrate love throughout the day!

Start Living the Good Life. Now.


Start Living the Good Life

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