About Susie Lee

Susie Lee is passionate about helping and inspiring people. She's led and developed social programs for at risk youths in New Jersey and Atlantic City. She's, also, worked in the rehabilitation of prisoners and adolescent sex offenders in Canada. In Vancouver, she's trained staff and supported families and parents through a childcare facility. According to Lee, “One of my life goals is to help people build healthier and stronger relationships that will last a lifetime. To rise above life's challenges rather than be crushed by them. To live every moment with joy, appreciation, and contentment. To recognize and let go of things that hinder people from fully living, giving and receiving. To live in the present and to embrace all that life has to offer today and everyday." Currently, she's the host for West Coast Adventures TV and Vancouver’s North Shore Tourism. She's also, a writer and actor based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. In her spare time, she loves to travel, bake and discover new things. Her aim is to live and love life to the fullest.