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Letting go is hard but…

Letting go is hard

Sometimes in order to move on, we need to let go of people (or things) in our lives. Occasionally, we have to let go for the sake of the other person so they can carry on with theirs. I’ve found letting go is hard but holding on is even harder. This painful process will tear your heart out and you’ll experience you’re not the same again. Life has a funny way of shaping us through our experiences, people and circumstances. Allow it to change you and reveal the next path before you.

Overtime, the act of letting go will restore your soul, re-balance your life and release your spirit. And the heart-strings that once used to tug so tight are now set free. So throw yourself into the wind and let go. Fall into the arms of emptiness and see what catches you. Close your eyes, walk away and take only the beautiful memories with you. Yes, your heart will ache, long and be desolate but ride out the wave of emotions and see where it carries you.

Trust that life will work out. Have faith that the days ahead of you will look brighter. And have the courage to face a new day. Open your palms and let go… and then wait to see what lands in your hands.

©2013 Susie Lee



I can almost guarantee there will be people and experiences that will break your heart. It’ll ache with loss or it’ll be broken by betrayal. Our hearts are full of contradictory emotions – it expands with thumping beats when it’s elated and contracts with stings of death when it’s sad. At times, the unbearable searing pain of sorrow rips our hearts apart and leaves emptiness deep within our souls. And so we begin to carry the heavy weight of our hearts into isolation and despair.

We can respond to heartbreaks in two ways, we can make a vow to never give our hearts away or we can risk being vulnerable again – to simply be human. It takes courage to choose the latter.

Let life not harden your heart or let people break your trust in humanity. Let your heartache not paint the canvas of your life with protectiveness, fear and disillusionment – for this isn’t truly living life to the fullest. Rather acknowledge the pain, take time to mourn the loss and have the courage to open yourself up again because life is beautiful, yes, even in the painful moments. I’ve learned that beauty is born out of our struggles, our losses and the excruciating pain in life. It’s what makes us beautiful, sensitive and compassionate.

Allow your heartache to transform you. Let your sorrow enlighten you. And use the pain to make you stronger, not in the sense of being unbreakable but being malleable. Trust me, in time your heart will heal…

Stay open. Be vulnerable.

©2013 Susie Lee

Introvert vs. Extrovert

I Like Being Alone

In my life, there are seasons where I’m an introvert and at other times an extrovert. I don’t believe we can define ourselves as one or the other because we’re gradually changing over time. Our moods are influenced by our outward circumstances and our attitudes are affected by our inner state of mind. We’re also, influenced by the people around us – we may take the backseat around those who are more exuberant than us or take the limelight around those who are quieter than us.

Lately, I’ve learned not to judge myself or put myself in a box. There’s no right or wrong, better or worse, good or bad. Rather we need to learn to embrace the mystery of who we are in the different stages of life. We’re both wonderful and beautiful, simple yet complicated, whole yet broken. There are so many contradictions within us, so many colours of emotions, so many arrays of thoughts, things we do in the shadows of our intent. There wouldn’t be enough lifetimes to discover everything about ourselves because we’re constantly changing. Be self aware but not self-critical. Let it lead you to a place of beauty, truth and love of yourself.

©2013 Susie Lee