Yes! Each and every day!



So truthful. So beautiful.



Stop shrinking back. Start shining bright.

This is one of my all time favorite quotes. Often, we tend to dim our light so it won’t make those around us feel uncomfortable or we’re fearful of what they may think of us. But today, I encourage you to let your light shine bright. This will take courage and vulnerability, and perhaps daily practice. But when we begin to align ourselves authentically, we’ll inadvertently encourage others to do the same. So let’s stop shrinking back and start shining bright!

©2016 Susie Lee


50 best practices to practice.

I love every single one of these practices! Over the last few years, I’ve adopted many of these practices bit by bit into my life. And I’ve seen that doing these seemingly small things every day have made a big difference over time – and now, it’s just second nature to me. The best thing about them is that you can start anytime and do them anywhere. These 50 practices will give you a peace of mind, boost your confidence, keep you organized, and grounded in who you are. Here’s to living your best – always, and every day.

©2016 Susie Lee