Live On the Other Side

Fear is an invisible yet powerful force. It can often paralyze you from moving forward or  immobilize you from pursuing your dreams. You must choose, freedom or fear. You can’t live in both places. This week, I encourage you to think about some of the things that hold you back in life? And start by doing one thing a day that scares you.
©2012 Susie Lee

Wisdom of the Week – The Four Agreements

A few years ago, I read this little yet powerful book, The Four Agreements. They’re simple and practical steps on how to keep life uncomplicated leaving more room for freedom and fullness of life. This week, I came across this poster and thought I’d share this wisdom with you. Choosing to live by these simple agreements in your relationships, work and play can instantly transform your world into a healthier and happier place. As a daily reminder, you can pin this up on your fridge, bathroom mirror, hallway, back of your door, in your car or have it as your screen saver on your phone or computer. Have a terrific week. © 2012 Susie Lee