Everyone dies, but not everyone lives.

Everyone’s born with a unique gift – some call it a natural born ability, God given talent, or an acquired skill. Unfortunately, many of us don’t utilize our gift to the fullest capacity. Perhaps life, responsibilities, or fear have led us away.

May this video inspire us to live to our fullest potential, and use our gifts for the greater good. It won’t be easy but the pain of regret will be far greater than the pain of discipline. Exercise your gift now. Don’t let the dream die within you. 

©2016 Susie Lee

Finished by Dan DiFelice.

Dan DiFelice’s short video, Finished, is powerful, beautiful, and captivating. Wherever you are in life right now and whatever battle you’re fighting –  I hope you find hope, courage, and new-found strength to carry on. May these truthful words resonate deep within and propel you forward to finish, and to finish well.

©2016 Susie Lee

Best Mother’s Day Video. Ever.

Today, I was going to write a long article about how great mother’s are, how much they’ve done for us, and how we wouldn’t be here without them. But instead I found this creative and funny video that articulated what I wanted to write. Thanks for all your hark work moms! Enjoy this Mother’s Day! (I hope you get the day off)!

2014 Susie Lee

Video of the Week | Parents Are Awesome

Every so often I come across a video noteworthy of being Video of the Week. This Parent Rap Video is noteworthy. I not only love this creative video because it made me laugh but because of it’s truth. I know, sometimes, life can be tough but I believe parenting can be tougher. During those tough times, keep the love and laughter close at hand and see the big picture when those small things drive you insane. Have a fun week!

©2012 Susie Lee

Video of the Week: Beautifully Imperfect

People’s little imperfections is what makes them uniquely beautiful.  I love how this short video conveys this message.  It’s a great reminder for us this week, to accept and embrace people’s imperfections in the light of the big picture.  Have a Beautiful Imperfect week.