A little goes a long way.

Etiquette will never go out of style – everyone from all walks of life, race, genre, and age will always appreciate kind gestures. Not only will it make them feel appreciated but these simple and sincere acts will speak volumes into your character, mannerisms, and thoughtfulness. Always make time to show respect through the little things you do for people, it’ll leave a lasting impression long after you’re gone.

©2015 Susie Lee


You’re bright & beautiful.



You’re beautiful at every angle.

I hope you have someone in your life that tells you how beautiful you are – to articulate the beauty they see in you, the flickers of greatness they feel from you, and the light that illuminates within you. You’re a unique fingerprint that can’t be replicated in another. Your beauty, your talents, your voice, your personality, your quirks, your memories, and experiences – this is what makes you, you. Maybe if you could see yourself from every angle, you’d realize just how beautiful you are.

©2014 Susie Lee

Know that you are beautiful