How to stay creative

In my last post, I mentioned that even the happiest of people will have their off-days as they feel unmotivated, uninspired, or are emotionally unavailable. Another area you can shut down in is creativity – the inability to create new ideas, ways to have fun, or problem solve.

Whether you’re a stay home parent or working professional, it’s important to stimulate your mind on a daily basis so you can grow and stay engaged. Sometimes, this may mean stepping away from electronic gadgets, changing up the daily routine, or something simple as trying a new flavour of ice cream. As your creative juices begin to flow back, your mind will be open to new ideas and find creative solutions to problems. You’ll also notice an extra pep in your step and a lighthearted joy in your days. Remember to have fun while being creative. Here are 12 simple ways on how to stay creative:

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7 thoughts on “How to stay creative

  1. I like lists and your post is a reminder to travel more and try an ice cream flavor other than chocolate. (I feel like I rode the bus when I read the book for my most recent post – ha!)

    Seriously, I think I should try the Jacksonville Metro bus soon. I could hop on one 1/3 mile down the street from our home. Great suggestion.

    Oh, and swim. I live less than 12 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, but I haven’t put on a bathing suit recently – ha!

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    • Thank you so much Marian for sharing your life and journey!! I hope trying different things will increase your creativity, energy, and zest for life!! Your sharing meant a lot to me – thank you!!

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    • Awesome Cherry! Thank you so much for sharing! May your joy and creativity increase as you explore/implement these steps into your life! Have an extra scoop for me!!

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