Keep Calm and Reduce Stress (10 Tips)

The Christmas holidays can be a stressful time of the year with family responsibilities, deadlines at work, and unspoken expectations. But it doesn’t have to be stressful and we don’t have to be stressed. At every moment of everyday we have a choice – if you find yourself getting stressed either say no or delegate the task. Monitor and acknowledge your stress, and practice these 10 tips to keep calm during the hustle and bustle of this holiday season.

©2014 Susie Lee


Choose wisely, your life depends on it.

This is probably the most singular important decision you’ll ever make in your life because your peace and happiness will depend on it. So be patient and don’t compromise your standards. Being with the right person, especially through the storms of life, will make all the difference in the world. So until then, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

©2014 Susie Lee

10 Inspiring Questions to Ask Yourself.

Answering these questions honestly can open doors to new possibilities. And making those changes can revolutionize your life. It’s never too late to start over or pick up where you left off. But it is a waste of time regretting what could’ve been when you could be using that time to be proactive towards what you want. No one else can make these changes for you, you must make them on your own.

©2014 Susie Lee

You’re beautiful at every angle.

I hope you have someone in your life that tells you how beautiful you are – to articulate the beauty they see in you, the flickers of greatness they feel from you, and the light that illuminates within you. You’re a unique fingerprint that can’t be replicated in another. Your beauty, your talents, your voice, your personality, your quirks, your memories, and experiences – this is what makes you, you. Maybe if you could see yourself from every angle, you’d realize just how beautiful you are.

©2014 Susie Lee

Know that you are beautiful